Ethereum [ETH] Co-Founder 'Joseph Lubin' Predicts The Future Expansion Of Blockchain.

Ethereum [ETH] Co-Founder 'Joseph Lubin' Predicts The Future Expansion Of Blockchain.

2018-11-13 | Selina Mathew

Ethereum [ETH] Co-Founder 'Joseph Lubin' Predicts The Future Expansion Of Blockchain.

Ethereum [ETH] co-founder and ConsenSys chief executive officer ‘Joseph Lubin’ has stated that with blockchain, society would move “from a insufficiency to an abundance mentality” soon.

In line with a recent interview with the ‘New York Times’ [NYT], the CEO of Ethereum [ETH] Joe presented his remarks at the NYT’s International Luxury Conference at the global hotel in Hong Kong, that now runs from November 12-13 and brings along speakers that embrace the CEO of fashion brand Balenciaga, the president of the Alibaba group, along with the CEO of luxury coat producer Moncler.

During the conference, Jow spoke concerning advancements publicised by blockchain technology that might probably offer management back to the society, adding further he said:

“We are aiming to be additionally in control  of our identity and our agency on these totally different decentralised networks and that i assume that’s aiming to produce additional wealth [...] additional interest in expressing ourselves, and that i assume there'll be more craving for luxury than less.”

Joseph's comments last week on the current development of blockchain ecosystems — that he compared to the expansion of the web — forged some light-weight on his perspective that the technology’s disintermediation and decentralization will facilitate to spur innovation across all levels of society and therefore the economy by “enabling a self-determined, sovereign identity.”

This summer, Joseph also focused the processes of wealth generation within the new tokenized economy, noting that he has detected a “qualitative shift within the nature of money” that has rapt society towards a world of “global villages.”

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