Ethereum & DeFi Sector Receiving Tons Of Attention - EtherDesk Exclusive.

Ethereum & DeFi Sector Receiving Tons Of Attention - EtherDesk Exclusive.

2021-02-07 | Mike Hallen

Ethereum & DeFi Sector Receiving Tons Of Attention - EtherDesk Exclusive.

Since the year 2020, the DeFi [Decentralized Finance] sector has been received tons of attention due to its cutting-edge innovation and therefore the lucrative high yield opportunities offered to crypto holders. Despite these features, this week’s record-high gas fees show that the world remains to have growing pains and therefore the absence of an appropriate layer 2 solutions might be pushing smaller investors faraway from DeFi. Investors attempting to put a trade on Uniswap or just approve a new token on their favorite DeFi platform will have noticed the dent these actions have placed on their ETH wallet. According to the data revealed by Etherscan, the gas prices haven't reached as high as they were earlier in 2020, they're noticeably higher since December of last year. This rise in gas fees also coincides with the surge in Ethereum price. Analysis of various time zones reveals that the value for transactions occurring during the Asian trading session is like those during the United States trading session. This shows that the fees are an element of network usage and highlights the 24-hour nature of the cryptocurrency market. There is one group, however, that has benefited from the sudden hike in-network fees. fees brought on by the increase of DeFi: Whale token holders. A closer look at the wallets that contain a min. of 20 ETH throughout 2020 reveals a better number of Ethereum transactions than those coming from smaller wallets, which also correlated to a rise in fees. Since gas fees aren't calculated based on the dimensions of the transaction but rather the value to interact with smart contracts, large wallet holders are more likely to interact with the protocol during higher congestion times as a bigger wallet balance is less suffering from raising transaction costs. Hypothetically, a $200 USD trade and a $20k trade on Uniswap could both cost roughly $50 USD in fees beneath present conditions, making it less likely that smaller wallets will engage as the cost of the trade is 25% of the entire value traded versus 0.25%. In order for DeFi to continue its explosive growth, the gas issues seen on the Ethereum network problem will be got to be addressed before any level of mass adoption is often achieved.

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