Ethereum Classic [ETC] Price Prediction For 2018.

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Price Prediction For 2018.

2018-10-22 | Eddy Morgan

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Price Prediction For 2018.

Recently, the SEC launched a FinTech portal to assist it communicate higher with participants within the FinTech space. This hub can play a serious role in facilitating useful innovations to grow and thrive. One amongst these innovations is none aside from ICOs. ICOs have thus far been mostly unregulated, however the SEC is looking forward to regulate them in an exceeding approach that helps them thrive, while protecting investors. The SEC is looking to represent info regarding them, to better educate the general public as often can be seen below.

Regulations on ICOs are going to be quite a boost to most platform blockchains along with Ethereum Classic [ETC]. It'll open up these blockchains to enlarge growth going into the long run. The ICO craze of 2017 is a proof to this that as long as it pushed Ethereum [ETH] to over $1000 USD. With regulatory laws, ICO enthusiasm is expected to the market and blockchains like Ethereum Classic [ETC] can gain momentum once more. Ethereum Classic [ETC] has gained a lot of publicity within the recent past, and if ICO momentum were to return to the market, Ethereum Classic [ETC] would attract an honest chunk of them, and this can thereafter push up its worth going into the long run. Actually upsurge in ICOs can be the trigger that takes Ethereum Classic [ETC] back to its 2017 highs.

One of them is its potential to own an effect within the IoT market. A part of its roadmap for 2019 is the launch of a light client for IoT. The IoT market could be a high growth market and can gain momentum as the infrastructure, such as 5G, slowly takes form. This is often a market that may provides a important boost to the worth of Ethereum Classic [ETC] going into 2019 on a far side, even if ETC were to win just simply a fraction of it. Once combined with the possibility of a brand new ICO wave, it makes ETC a high potential blockchain in 2019 and into future decade.

More short-run, Ethereum Classic [ETC] may open the week in positive territory. For the last 2 days, it's been on a gradual upper side push from a low of $9.68 USD on Oct. 19th, to a high of $9.99 USD on the Oct. 21st.

However, it's relieved up a little bit, and is currently trading at $10.062 USD, a price that's currently acting as a minor support.

Ethereum Classic [ETC] Price Prediction For 2019.

If Ethereum Classic [ETC] makes associated upper side push from this support level, it may presumably hit a high of $10.11 USD within the course of a day. That’s a level it ranged eventually at last week, and one that would act as a resistance point within the next 24-hours.

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