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Ethereum And These Two Altcoins Will Be Profitable In 2022.

Lark Davis, a cryptocurrency trader, lists Ethereum and two altcoins as his top financial investment picks for 2022.

Davis tells his 475,000 YouTube subscribers that Ethereum and two other cryptocurrencies will provide “good returns for investors” next year.

In the case of Ethereum, the crypto trader and expert predict that the second-largest digital asset by market cap will reach a five-figure price in 2022.

“I believe Ethereum will become a five-digit asset, and we could see a $20,000 Ethereum before this cycle ends,” he said. However, at the time of composing, Ethereum was trading at $4,083.

According to Davis, a number of factors are supporting Ethereum’s bullish case.

He further said, “We’re seeing layer-two scaling options take off for Ethereum… Ethereum will be relocated to evidence of stake in the near future. That is unfathomably large. We’re shifting from evidence of work, which is horribly ineffective, to evidence of stake, which will fundamentally change the economics of Ethereum…

Then there’s the triple halving. As a result of the shift to evidence of stake, annual emissions of newly produced Ethereum will be reduced by 90%…

Ethereum will become deflationary in the coming year. It will simply be going down. We’ll be back under 100 million Ethereum in the next 5 to 10 years, most likely.”

Elrond (EGLD) comes next, a scalable blockchain platform designed for business. Growing activity on the blockchain platform, aided by the launch of items such as the Maiar decentralized exchange (DEX), which resembles the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange Uniswap, are factors contributing to Davis’ bullishness on Elrond (UNI).

“It’s finally coming to life, which I believe is a truly incredible time and moment for Elrond.” So they’ve finally introduced their Maiar exchange… Similar to Elrond’s Uniswap, where you can now trade USDC (USD Coin), the Elrond token…

We also have exchange assistance from central exchanges, which are starting to take place for Elrond’s fundamental tokens.”

Meanwhile, at the time of composing, Elrond is trading at $267.73.

Polygon (MATIC) comes next, a scaling option for Ethereum designed to enable widespread adoption of decentralized apps. Davis cites increased usage and growth-led acquisitions make him optimistic about Polygon.

“Polygon is now going to burn away a little bit of MATIC.” Long term, that’s fantastic for the price of Polygon. As a result, user growth is stronger than ever, with new acquisitions and more apps on the way. Polygon has my support. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches $10.”

At the time of composing, Polygon was trading at $2.61.

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