ESPN - Blockchain Gaming Platform Permitting Deposit & Withdrawal Via Bitcoin.

ESPN - Blockchain Gaming Platform Permitting Deposit & Withdrawal Via Bitcoin.

2020-07-26 | Selina Mathew

ESPN - Blockchain Gaming Platform Permitting Deposit & Withdrawal Via Bitcoin.

ESPN Global has revealed the launch of a blockchain-powered gaming platform, that will permit competitors to deposit and withdraw via bitcoin along with other digital currencies using Cryptopay.

The platform is additionally integrating an online web-game, Satoshi’s Treasure, with $1 Mln worth of bitcoin to be split among 1000 winners.

In line with a recent official announcement, the UK-based company said it’s within the pre-launch phase of platform which will offer a number of the foremost popular games in one mobile app for crypto prizes. Blockchain technology will decentralize verification and support for transactions within the platform.

“Cryptocurrency payment specialist ‘Cryptopay’ is being employed by ESPN Global, to form a new process tons simpler, swift and secure,” the corporate announced. Users can choose a game or join a gaggle of participants to compete in real-time and be awarded on the idea of highest score.

The platform also offers premium membership whereby one gets priority access to slots and early access to the foremost popular games. The mobile e-sports unit in United Kingdom falls under ESPN Global Corporation Ltd., headquartered in Poland.

An ESPN Global director, Mr. Chris Parker, spoke on the attraction of blockchain. “As per a search done by 3EA Limited, a worldwide strategic service industry group, e-sports and online gaming is a $140 Bln global industry driven predominantly by digital micro-transaction economies, which we believe will benefit immensely from the integrity and resilience of the Blockchain technology,” he added.

The company is additionally integrating the recently launched game Satoshi’s Treasure. “With this $1 Mln puzzle game Satoshi’s Treasure, we are promising a bounty-laden bitcoin wallet whose keys are going to be divided into 1,000 fragments, spawning a worldwide hunt for the prize pieces,” said Parker.

In the event of amassing a sizeable e-sport community, ESPN Global expects to launch an IEO [initial exchange offering] of its Smart Gaming Token [SGT] supporting the ERC-20 platform.

“From the day we start our operations, we'll be giving airdrops of SGTs to all or any registered players as a gift,” Parker said. He added that each player who lose money in any game or tournament will be compensated with SGT airdrops like the losses credited to their ERC wallets.

The present valuation of SGT airdrop is $0.001 USD, expected to extend with the expansion of the gaming community. Premium members, who get double SGTs against the amount of super-contest, will also have their losses covered.

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