Enso Finance To Soon Launch 'Vampire Strike' Trading Platform.

Enso Finance To Soon Launch 'Vampire Strike' Trading Platform.

2021-12-09 | Daniel Smith

Enso Finance To Soon Launch 'Vampire Strike' Trading Platform.

Enso Finance, a metaverse-based social trading platform, has revealed plans to launch its platform on December 9 by launching a "vampire assault" on six key crypto index projects. A vampire attack occurs when one platform entices users and liquidity from another platform by offering more incentives for use. SushiSwap launched a vampire assault in September 2020, transferring around $1.5 billion from Uniswap to SushiSwap. On December 7, the Enso team stated that the assault will target Index Coop, Tokensets, PieDAO, dHEDGE, Powerpool, and Indexed. Each of these protocols provides cryptocurrency index products that aggregate the performance of a basket of assets in a certain specialty, such as DeFi coins or NFT gaming tokens. To gain a variety of rewards, users will need to deposit index tokens from various indexes onto Enso's platform. It intends to attract up to $1.05 billion in total locked value (TVL). Enso Finance is a social trading platform that allows consumers, groups, or decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) to build trading or fruit farm strategies. They will then be willing to share their breakthrough secrets on the site. Enso Finance is supposed to pay gas fees, distribute ENSO governance tokens, and offer early adopters with Enso nonfungible tokens (NFT). After clients keep their migrated tokens committed on Enso for three weeks, Enso will burn the old tokens and issue wrapped replicas of the index's underlying assets.

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