ENS Users Would Now Be Soon Able To Claim .xyz Domains.

ENS Users Would Now Be Soon Able To Claim .xyz Domains.

2018-09-06 | Big Bob

ENS Users Would Now Be  Soon Able To Claim .xyz Domains.

According to ENS developer ‘Nick Johnson’ the ENS users would now be able to claim .xyz domains to access their wallets and other services. Mentioning further he said on his official web blog post that this new possibility of domain name option came from some testing and development, and is now fully supported by the ENS mainnet. Interested Customers would be now able to buy the domains through any Service Provider using it just like any  another .eth domain which means that the users can associate their wallets, smart contracts, produce new sub-domains and a lot more.

While EasyDNS – one such DNS registrar – has created a simpler wizard for adding the domain, users may also manually add .xyz, he wrote.

Adding further, Johnson added that:

"We're rolling out our ENS support at first on .xyz to give it a try, however the most effective factor concerning this is that it does not need any cooperation or permission from each DNS [top-level domain]. Once we've had an opportunity to check how it performs, we’ll plan to roll it to all alternative DNS TLDs that support the required features — which covers nearly all of them."

As reported by EtherDesk Earlier, ENS permits Ethereum users to place 'human decipherable names' instead of long billfold addresses, creating it easier for people to transfer funds, use sensible smart contracts or otherwise develop upcoming new projects.

The new .xyz domain is the 2nd ranking domain that ENS supports, following .eth earlier this year. TLD’s are the best and highest set of domains on the web, and are needed for visiting any web site on the global web.

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