Elon Musk Thinks Robinhood Wallets Are A Big Issue For DOGE.

Elon Musk Thinks Robinhood Wallets Are A Big Issue For DOGE.

2022-02-02 | Selina Mathew

Elon Musk Thinks Robinhood Wallets Are A Big Issue For DOGE.

Elon Musk feels that Robinhood wallets will be a big thing for Dogecoin. In a Sunday tweet, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus described his initial encounter transferring Dogecoin from his Robinhood wallet. In a further tweet, he stated that currently that Robinhood customers would be allowed to accept decentralization, DOGE may be utilized for tipping, trading, as well as other uses, which would be a great thing for all SHIB holders. The tweet piqued Elon Musk's interest; the billionaire loved it and agreed with Markus. Customers of Robinhood may now purchase and sell seven coins. Nevertheless, the vast majority of them are nevertheless unable to withdraw funds to third-party wallets.

According to Bloomberg's Mike McGlone, BTC, as well as ETH, are still in their early stages of acceptance.

As per Mike McGlone, senior commodities analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the two major cryptos, Bitcoin as well as Ethereum, are still in their early stages of acceptance. In a new tweet, he stated that owing to supply-demand dynamics, BTC, as well as ETH, are anticipated to keep rising in value, and that only a black swan event would be able to halt their rise. Simultaneously, McGlone has slammed Dogecoin as well as Shiba Inu. He thinks that the faster such meme currencies are removed from the market, the sooner Bitcoin and Ethereum can start to revolutionize the world financial system.

As the price of SHIB rises, whales buy 9 billion SHIB.

Whales have been buying a lot of SHIB lately, and this Saturday was no different. As per Etherscan, three huge cryptocurrency wallets acquired over nine billion SHIB tokens on January 29. Simultaneously, the price of the meme token increased by over 5%. SHIB, on the other hand, has recently reduced losses and is presently trading at $0.00002094 on CoinMarketCap.

Additional MATIC, FTT, and LUNA are being purchased by whales as they continue to gamble on these currencies.

According to WhaleStats data, several of the leading ETH 1,000 whales have acquired big quantities of FTT, Polygon's MATIC, and Terra Luna's native token, LUNA. Many of them (such as the fourth-placed one) has four million MATIC, which is equal to $5,529,716 in fiat. The whale, rated 105th on WhaleStats, paid a whopping $637,148,906 for 15.7 million FTT. The fourth-placed whale spent $6,725,700 on 135,000 LUNA.

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