Elon Musk Musical NFT On Sale For Over $100k.

Elon Musk Musical NFT On Sale For Over $100k.

2021-03-16 | Big Bob

Elon Musk Musical NFT On Sale For Over $100k.

All the fashionable aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem space - non-fungible tokens, institutional adoption of Bitcoin, the quirkiness of Dogecoin - have found a home with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Within an official tweet today, Elon Musk revealed that he would be selling a musical non-fungible token, or NFT, with lyrics supporting the hype surrounding the technology: "It’s verified, it’s guaranteed." The video clip playing the song features a pair of diamond hands underneath the moon with Shiba Inu dogs - likely regard to Dogecoin - circling. Though the song is seemingly not yet available on any leading marketplace, cryptocurrency users have already found how to determine its apparent value - by tokenizing the tweet itself. The Musk tweet is presently listed as an NFT on the Valuables platform, which permits Twitter users to form a suggestion on digital versions of any tweet. But within an hour after Musk revealed about the song, the bidding rose from $3 USD to $100k and included offers from WSBChairman and NFT curator Loopify. At the time of reporting, the very best bid of $100k is from Twitter user mondoir - an Iran-based Bitcoiner. They claim to possess not locked in any amount of Ethereum [ETH] for the bid - roughly 53.89 ETH. “We all know Elon Musk will never sell or accept a suggestion to sell his tweets,” outlined mondoir. “My offer purchase his tweet was a strategic move as just to laugh.” In line with the Valuables, if Musk were to simply accept any offer on the tokenized tweet, he would receive 95% of the ETH offer within the wallet address he provides "within an hour." Though it’s unclear if Musk intends to list the NFT Valuables on a marketplace like Nifty, the offering might also be associated with a recent Tesla filing with the United States SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission]. Musk added that he would retain his title as CEO, but also mentioned himself as the "Technoking of Tesla."

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