[Elon Musk] Approached Creator Of [Dogecoin] To Combat Against Twitter Scams.

[Elon Musk] Approached Creator Of [Dogecoin] To Combat Against Twitter Scams.

2018-09-24 | Big Bob

[Elon Musk] Approached Creator Of [Dogecoin] To Combat Against Twitter Scams.

'Elon Musk' the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, recently approached he founder of Dogecoin ‘DOGE’ 'Jackson Palmer,' to help him assist in the combat against the provoking digital currency scams and scammers on one the social media giant platform - Twitter.

Mentioning Jackson in his tweet, Musk wrote:

"@ummjackson if you'll be helping us to eliminate the annoying scam spammers, we would be a lot of appreciated."

Jackson replied him back, urging Musk to reach him on direct messages. The creator of Dogecoin secure to send Musk the script that would solve the problem:

"If you DM me (your DMs aren’t open), I’ll send you the script - it’s short, straightforward and you simply run it with cron somewhere."

It seems that Musk failed to take long to reply, as in  a verycouple of minutes Jackson retweeted back with an update:

"Update: Elon has the script... we had an honest chat on how@jack and also the Twitter team ought to positively automatise and fix this downside on their end although."

Earlier in July this year, a tweet by Elon Musk apparently urged that the wealthy CEO is entertained by scam bots impersonating famed folks on Twitter – together with Musk himself – during a move to steal Ethereum and different cryptocurrencies. He then posted: "I need to understand who is actually running the Ethereum scambots! Mad skillz"

Musk isn't the sole big name to have been impersonated by scam bots. Multiple scam accounts on Twitter have tried to pose as Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, including the CEO and founder of Telegram ‘Pavel Durov’.

Even in Sep, CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey urged that Twitter may use blockchain technology to combat misinfo and scams on its platform.

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