Electrum & MyEtherWallet Users Facing Phishing Attacks - Report.

Electrum & MyEtherWallet Users Facing Phishing Attacks - Report.

2019-02-06 | Big Bob

Electrum & MyEtherWallet Users Facing Phishing Attacks - Report.

In line with recent official web-blog post published on 'Reddit' and 'Twitter', Users of crypto wallets ‘Electrum’ and ‘MyEtherWallet’ are presently facing phishing attacks.

A phishing attack is an illicit attempt to access sensitive information like users’ personal or banking data by illicit means, wherein an assaulter is disguised as a trusted entity and transmits a user a message or an email containing a malicious link. Once clicked, the link then further asks the user to enter their personal info or initiates the installation of 'malware'.

Earlier on 4th Feb., the team behind MyEtherWallet 'tweeted' a warning concerning a phishing email that was sent to users, asking them to impart personal information:

Electrum & MyEtherWallet Users Facing Phishing Attacks - Report.One user on Reddit found that a phishing scam making an attempt to steal sensitive information from Electrum customers was 'posing' as a security update. Redditor exa61 'published' an 'image' of a system message, allegedly from Electrum wallet, requiring a security update to Electrum 4.0.0, whereas the most recent version of the digital wallet is presently Electrum 3.3.3. Electrum & MyEtherWallet Users Facing Phishing Attacks - Report.

While mentioning further in the thread, one user 'outlined' that it absolutely was “the second cluster of reports of a similar phishing, and therefore the 1st one was at the tip of Dec. 2018,” adding that the ‘would-be’ hacker might have upto “100 GitHub accounts.”

[Electrum] lately revealed a warning on their 'web-site', notifying that “versions of Electrum earlier than 3.3.3 are liable to a phishing attack, wherever malicious servers are able to show a message asking users to download a faux version of Electrum.” The corporate warned its users to not download software updates from different sources.

Recently, an unidentified hacker or hacker cluster supposedly detected a security 'vulnerability' within the LocalBitcoins forum and thereby linked it to a phishing forum. In a very Reddit post revealed by the community manager, LocalBitcoins claimed that the unknown vulnerability had been contained in third-party software code, and confirmed six famed cases of users being affected.

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