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Dogecoin & Shiba Inu Inspired Food Is Being Served At Restaurants In Florida.

A new crypto-inspired restaurant in Florida is serving hot dogs and shrimp cocktails influenced by Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), with clients praising the Dogedogs.

The “Crypto Street Restaurant” in Clearwater Beach opened its doors to the crowd previously this month, with a cuisine full of titles that allude to famous crypto and nomenclature.

The Dogedog, Crypto Cuban, DeFi Caesar Salad, SHIBA Shrimp Cocktail, and Bitcoinana Split are among the meals on the menu, and the diner’s design includes posters, wall hangings, and furnishings featuring Doge, Satoshi Nakamoto, Elon Musk, and assorted Bitcoin memes.

As per Ricardo Varona, the diner’s creator, Crypto Street acknowledges payment in all digital assets, such as memecoins and even “Shitcoins,” and the dogedogs have indeed been “fairly popular” so far.

Varona told the Tampa Bay Times on December 29 that his 24-year-old son first presented him to cryptocurrency a few years ago, but he wasn’t a big admirer of the industry at the moment. With time, he grew up to the idea of crypto assets and contemplated opening a food chain that took cryptocurrency payments.

Varona stated that as the epidemic struck and different expenditures and supply chain difficulties became clear, he changed his idea to offer a single crypto-themed location rather than a chain that merely accepted currency.

Five-star rating for the meal or five stars for the concept?

Thus far, the Crypto Street Diner has received positive internet ratings, with three five-star ratings on Yelp and eight five-star ratings on Google Reviews.

It’s not the only time the popular Dogecoin has been linked to hot dogs, with Oscar Mayer auctioning off a one-of-one package of “Hot Doge Wieners” on eBay in August.

As reported last month that the famous fast-food chain Burger King teamed up with retail trading platform Robinhood to offer free crypto, mainly in the shape of DOGE, to clients who decided to spend $5 or more to its places all over the United States.

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