Dogecoin Records Skyrocketing Gains '+310%' For Today.

Dogecoin Records Skyrocketing Gains '+310%' For Today.

2021-01-29 | Mike Hallen

Dogecoin Records Skyrocketing Gains '+310%' For Today.

Dogecoin-related tweets have skyrocketed to record levels after the prices hit all-time highs, yesterday on Thursday. In line with digital asset data firm TheTIE, the huge volume of mentions over a 24-hour period marked the altcoin out as the prominent tweeted cryptocurrency till times. Dogecoin surpassed earlier tweet records for Bitcoin [BTC, +17.19%] assail 2nd Jan. 2021, and 22nd Dec. 2017, the firm revealed. The Shiba Inu-themed coin has been experiencing a flurry of trading activity, possibly due to attention from members of Reddit trading groups along with WallStreetBets as well as SatoshiStreetBets. The price of Dogecoin [DOGE,+306.48%] rose to a new record of $0.078 USD yesterday on Thursday, consistent with CoinGecko, prior falling back to $0.051 USD at the reporting time. Prices are still up 300% over the last 24 hours.

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