Doge Temple Creator Says The Metaverse Is Out, The Microverse Is In

Doge Temple Creator Says The Metaverse Is Out, The Microverse Is In

2022-01-29 | Robin Williams

Doge Temple Creator Says The Metaverse Is Out, The Microverse Is In

Specialized "Microverse experiences," as per the creator as well as CEO of virtual party platform Party. Space would be the Metaverse future.

Yurii Filipchuk believes instead of "creating a gigantic Metaverse and selling some property there," Web3 producers should concentrate their attention on "researching the best method to communicate online" with online communities.

The notion is that each online group creates its own Microverse, which connects to form a Metaverse via a common network.

Party. Space debuted in May 2020 with the goal of gaming out video conversations. They currently provide conferences, end-of-year celebrations, team development events, and seminars for 65 corporate customers.

The "Doge Temple," a virtual area for Doge meme aficionados to congregate, is one of Filipchuk's "Microverse" innovations. It was released in November 2021 by the virtual party platform Party. Space.

It hosted the afterparty for Product Hunt's seventh annual (and second virtual) Golden Kitty Awards presentation this week. Doge Temple was indeed a semi-finalist in the Product Demo video genre, however did not win.

Constitution DAO won the Golden Kitty Award for the top Web3 project, with Phantom, Thirdweb, as well as Rainbow coming in second and third, respectively.

The COVID-19 epidemic and worldwide lockdowns caused many individuals throughout the globe to relocate elements of their life on the internet. Zoom was the breakthrough superstar in the realm of video calling, with services like Teams as well as Slack cementing themselves in our professional life.

In a Medium article published on November 2, Doge Temple presented his Microverse views, rejecting the notion that it is feasible to develop a "mass community around an artificially manufactured virtual environment."

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