Digital Blockchain Conference To Be Held On 22nd Aug. This Year.

Digital Blockchain Conference To Be Held On 22nd Aug. This Year.

2018-08-08 | Eddy Morgan

Digital Blockchain Conference To Be Held On 22nd Aug. This Year.

The Blockchain and Digital Currency Conference is to be held this year on Aug. 22nd would be focused over the investment and funding for the blockchain and crypto industry. The conference is organised by the Blockchain China Connect, Artisan Business Group Inc. partnered with Thousands of crypto experts, entrepreneurs, mining operators, traders, taxation experts etc are expected at this conference.

Several crypto experts from US and China will cover a variety of diversifying topics related to the blockchain technology, fund raising, ICO’s, mining, trading, SEC compliance, legal and taxation, etc. The main panelists and expert speakers at this conference would include Jack Liao, Founder of Bitcoin Gold and LightningASIC; Joe Rubin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of; Xiahong Lin, Founder of Bodhi; Han Liguang, Founder of RedCoin Global Public Digital Currency Exchange; Richard B. Levin, Shareholder of Polsinelli; Jeffrey Levinson, CEO of Securitech Blockchain Industries; Jor Law, Co-Founder of Verify Investor; Graeme Moore, VP of Marketing at Polymath; Matt Miles, Founder & Co-CEO of Property Coin; David W. Klasing, Founder & Managing Attorney of The Law Offices of David W. Klasing; Brian Su, CEO of Artisan Business Group; Andrew Zapotochnyi, North America Representative at CoinTraffic; Steve Anapoell, US Securities Attorney; Tyler McKay, President of Blockchain China Connect; Rob Tiv, President & COO of SonicMessenger; Gan Zhang, Partner at RTF; Harley Dou, Managing Director at Tang Wealth; Ralph Liu, Founder & CEO of MuleChain and Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc.; Jonathan C. Dunsmoor, Of Counsel Reid & Wise; Colin Wu CEO of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange; Roc Wang, Founder & CEO of DeepChain; Pavel Cherkashin, Co-founder of Mindrock and Managing Partner of GVA Capital; Paul Dong, Founder of SunetX; Andy Wang, Founder of FutureChain Technologies.

This conference is expected to provide a great platform for peer-to-peer networking and exploring new ways of investment, finance, business and collaboration opportunities between the U.S., China and other countries.

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