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Digital Cash Will A Vital Part Of All 4 FANG Companies Offerings By 2021 – Winklevoss Brothers.

In line with a recent ‘interview‘ with the CNBC, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss said that the Digital assets will a vital part of all four FANG companies’ offerings by 2021.

While speaking about the Facebook’s upcoming Libra project, the twins, who also co-founded renowned crypto trading platform named ‘Gemini’, added that it was solely a matter of time before other tech giants followed suit. 

FANG refers to the unofficial “Big Four” giants of the web namely ‘Facebook‘, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

“Our prediction is that each FANG company would be having some kind of cryptocurrency project within the upcoming 2 years,” Tyler told the network. 

Libra as a payment protocol has not yet been launched, however regulators have voiced ‘serious alarms‘, significantly within the U.S., where several sources have demanded developers banning the project.

Concerns stem from Libra’s potential to bypass the existing banking system, something ‘cryptocurrency‘ proponents conversely argue makes the banking institutions seriously fear about losing their revenue. 

Earlier today, Bitcoin [BTC] itself shed over 10% of its price after a senior United States official delivered fresh ‘concerns‘ regarding Libra.

For the Winklevosses, however, front-door approaches to regulators is essential in obtaining any disruptive finance offering to the market.

Though several say it’s not a cryptocurrency, the twins even added that they would facilitate trading of Libra on Gemini, if it’s open and not subject to provincial restrictions.

“We’ll evaluate Libra in earnest, and it’d truly be an asset that is someday listed if it’s an open protocol; that’s possible,” Tyler added. 

Also earlier this week, Tom Lee, a serial Bitcoin [BTC] advocate, delivered a similar prediction regarding the tech giants’ future involvement within the digital currency trading.

“The undeniable fact that Facebook and surely the other FANG firms are  planning to create their own digital currencies is validating the thought that digital cash is here to remain for a while,” they told ‘CNBC‘.

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