DFG Invests $12.6 Mln Funds In Astar Network - A Polkadot Venture.

DFG Invests $12.6 Mln Funds In Astar Network - A Polkadot Venture.

2021-11-17 | Robin Williams

DFG Invests $12.6 Mln Funds In Astar Network - A Polkadot Venture.

Astar Network is now ranked third in Polkadot's inaugural parachain auction, trailing only Acala and Moonbeam. Polkadot's inaugural parachain auction is heating up, with top projects from the Polkadot ecosystem vying for first place. DFG Group, a worldwide blockchain investment firm with $ 1 billion in assets under control, revealed yesterday that it had offered 300,000 DOT tokens (worth $ 12.65 million) in favor of the parachain bid Astar Network. Polkadot will use the parachain auction to examine its varied environmental evidence. Projects compete at auction to close the DOT bills during the parachain slot rental to safeguard the parachain or shard from the Polkadot network. Projects that compete with parachain spaces propagate the token rule to users who donate dots to their parachain auction bids. Astar Network, formerly Plasm, aims to construct a cutting-edge application center in Polkadot that supports Ethereum virtual machines (EVM) and intelligent Web-based contracts. According to a November 15 release, DFG has committed to Bifrost's Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol (SALP), which allows users to participate in parachain auctions conducted by both Polkadot and Kusama. The Bifrost SALP platform allows users to donate a range of parachain auctions while also enabling liquid staking exits reflecting their main DOT offers. According to James Wo, the founder, and CEO of DFG, "apart from a very strong team, Astar handles the essential issue of cooperation and connects Polkadot and Ethereum, which will bring in a plethora of expert teams in this ecosystem." Polkadot, Kusama, Avalanche, Solana, and Near are among the protocols in which the corporation has made an early investment. Astar is now ranked third in the first Polkadot parachain auction, which began in November. According to Dotmarketcap, which is tracking auction activity, Astar has 6.6 million DOTs worth around $281 million put on a mass lending stake. Acala Network is presently leading the crowd loan race with a $ 30.7 million DOT that is expected to cost approximately $ 1.3 billion. Moonbeam, an EVM-affiliated smart contract platform, is rated second, close to the DM 30.6 million closed. DFG also pledged 500,000 DOT to Acala before the auction began in early November. The first auction will run until Nov. 18, and the winner will be selected using the Dutch candlestick method, in which the exact moment of the auction's ending is determined again at the end of the bidding period. The projects that win the first five Polkadot vacancies will go live today on December 17 and will remain in place until their lease term expires.

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