Dell EMC Revealed Its Plan's To Enter Into The Blockchain Sector.

Dell EMC Revealed Its Plan's To Enter Into The Blockchain Sector.

2018-09-28 | Selina Mathew

Dell EMC Revealed Its Plan's To Enter Into The Blockchain Sector.

According to the official announcement by the company, Dell EMC which is a subsidiary to the computer manufacturer Dell, proclaimed recently on this weekday that it's planing to support the new emerging technologies that would include AI, blockchain technology, Information analytics along with cloud-compliance.

As per a news report by ‘Economic Times,’ in specific the firm hopes to take care of its position within the server market by adopting new tools.

A senior director of the Infrastructure Solutions cluster at Dell EMC India ‘Manish Gupta’, while in an interview aforementioned that the interest from the company's prime clients in blockchain leaded them to adopt this new technology. Dell EMC is actively looking into new technologies to assist its clients to manage each traditional and new age workloads while working on the same Dell server.

According to the report, Dell EMC’s clients mainly constitute native IT companies, banks, monetary along with several investment corporations.

However, the necessity to keep up with its clients, the Indian Express (News Source) mentioned that a study by Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index, showed that more than 35% of Indian businesses are committed to invest in the blockchain technology while around 31% in quantum computing followed by 42% in virtual reality technologies over the few succeeding years.

Dell EMC COO ‘Dmitri Chen’ indicated that the corporate is thus hoping to piggyback on the growing interest, noting that India is progressively moving toward digitisation adoption.

Adding further he said:

"India is shifting towards ... transformation quicker than the rest of the globe due to the country's digital agenda and therefore the presence of a extremely skilled savvy workforce. Hence, we're investing a lot more time thinking, talking concerning India and spending time within the country."

Notably, Dell EMC isn't the sole Dell subsidiary willing to enter into the blockchain technology.sector. Cloud computing and virtualization corporation ‘VMware’ recently proclaimed [Project Concord] earlier this year as its free effort to combat scaling and energy efficiency problems.

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