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DeFi Polygon Network Project ‘EasyFi’ Suffers Over $80 Mln Hack.

EasyFi, a DeFi [Decentralized Finance] Polygon Network-powered protocol, has reported suffering a hack earlier on Monday of over $80 Mln.

Within an official web-blog post by CEO & founder, Ankit Gaur published later within the day revealed that the hacker had transferred out 2.98 Mln EASY tokens, which were worth around $25 USD apiece at the reporting time, for a total sum of around $75 Mln.

Also removed was $6 Mln from liquidity pools in United States dollars, DAI [+0.07%] and Tether [USDT, +0.06%].

The amounts were transferred to an anonymous wallet on the Ethereum [ETH] network.

Gaur added that private keys to the network admin MetaMask account had been compromised via his computer, but the EasyFi smart contracts weren’t exploited.

He also offered a $1 Mln reward to the hacker for returning the funds completely.

EASY tokens have taken success since the hack, trading at $15.17 USD at the reporting time. Deposits and withdrawals have also been suspended, which has prevented the hacker from shifting the stolen tokens from the wallet.

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