Decentraland Organizes The Inaugural Metaverse Nuptial.

Decentraland Organizes The Inaugural Metaverse Nuptial.

2022-02-07 | Selina Mathew

Decentraland Organizes The Inaugural Metaverse Nuptial.

This weekend, a Phoenix pair married using their digital personas in the Metaverse's inaugural marriage. Just recently on February 5, a wedding event was held in Decentraland, replete with witnesses, Supreme Court Justice officiant Clint Bolick, as well as a digital audience of 2,000 people.

Ryan and Candice Hurley, the happy couple, chose Rose Law Group to formally finalize their marriage. Jordan Rose, the group's Creator as well as President, believes it was the inaugural wedding yet held on any blockchain-based Metaverse.

Rose Law Group's villa on Decentraland hosted the marriage ceremony. The law firm created a "meta-marriage framework" by including a "Virtual Premarital Agreement" that defined the duo's virtual personalities as well as digital assets as they were stored on the blockchain.

Simultaneously, a "Meta-Marriage License" recognized, documented, and tokenized the pair's digital personas as well as marriage location as an NFT on the blockchain.

Despite the fact that the couple appeared to imagine a marriage of the future, they were faced with some very outdated technical challenges. The number of visitors in attendance proved too much for Decentraland, and the NFT presents for participants were promptly seized only around twenty minutes into the ceremony.

Furthermore, Ryan's avatar was abandoned at the aisle when Candice's avatar failed to show digitally — but just for select visitors. The bride was donning a dress, a sweatshirt, or wasn't present at all, based upon which server guests had been divided into.

After having trouble getting the wedding to operate on Decentraland, one participant directed the attendees to Rose Law Group's Instagram, where the real-world pair was cementing their vows through a live stream.

Notwithstanding Rose's promises regarding the wedding's legitimacy, it seems that several law scholars are still skeptical. As per the American Marriage Ministries, at a lawful marriage ceremony, persons must present as their real-life personalities, not as their internet counterparts.

Moreover, several states in the United States do not permit a pair to be married by an officiant virtually through video conference or if the pair is in different places at the hour of the event.

Following their meeting on the dating website, the Hurleys wedded in the "real world" 14 years back. Even though the ceremony is unique in many respects, it is far from the lone case of a couple wishing to immortalize their wedding on the blockchain.

A Californian pair who operate at cryptocurrency exchanges Coinbase established an Ethereum smart contract in April 2021 to distribute tokenized "rings" as NFTs throughout their wedding.

The inaugural blockchain wedding was held in 2014 at the Disney World Bitcoin Conference, with the accompanying statement recorded on-chain: "for better or worse, 'til death do us part since the blockchain is everlasting."

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