Dash [DASH] Integrates 'Uphold' Crypto Transaction Platform Into Its Digital Wallet.

Dash [DASH] Integrates 'Uphold' Crypto Transaction Platform Into Its Digital Wallet.

2018-10-24 | Big Bob

Dash [DASH] Integrates 'Uphold' Crypto Transaction Platform Into Its Digital Wallet.

Dash [DASH], the leading digital currency for payments and e-commerce, has declared that Uphold that is the leading crypto transaction platform, has been integrated into the Dash Digital Wallet.

The integration is expected to modify the Dash wallet users to onboard an Uphold account and instantly purchase and sell Dash from the Dash digital wallet itself, which means users won't have to be compelled to use another app or crypto exchange for the proceeding transactions. This creates a seamless and increased user expertise, and permits users to trade Dash [DASH] simply through the push of just simple buttons.

This is a first-of-its-kind integration, demonstrating Dash [DASH] recognition of the importance that a seamless UX has for its users and for the future adoption. The Uphold feature is presently offered on the Android digital wallets, and can shortly be offered on the iOS platforms in the upcoming days similarly.

Ryan Taylor, chief executive office of Dash group, while adding further stated:

“Uphold has been an amazing partner for us., providing users with a efficient possibility for holding Dash. With this digital wallet integration, users would acquire and use Dash easier than ever. Our goal of achieving widespread adoption will solely be created potential by creating the user expertise as straightforward and intuitive as potential, and Uphold continues to be a vital partner in creating the Dash expertise one that may be simply accessed by anyone.”

This integration follows Dash and Uphold’s partnership in 2017, after Dash [DASH] and its instant processing feature InstantSend were listed to Uphold’s quickly growing digital cash platform. Since its beginning in 2015, Uphold has expedited over $4 Bln USD of transactions, creating it straightforward for users to amass and transfer each cryptocurrencies along with traditional currencies that include USD, Euro, and several others. Uphold additionally allows conversion to precious metals as well as silver, gold, platinum, and palladium, and runs a sophisticated API that may leverage Dash’s future decentralised payments system, Evolution.

Uphold CRO, Robin O’Connell, stated this partnership as:

“What we admire about Dash [DASH] is its commitment to driving adoption across the world with a lot more instances of actual world use cases involving Dash payments. Uphold’s integration with the Dash [DASH] digital wallet helps increase Dash usability. Currently Dash users would have a lot more options to add funds to the Dash wallet with Uphold which is able to successively make it easier to spend with Dash.”

At the reporting time, Dash [DASH] is currently trading at a price of $158.366 USD which is 3.18% higher than yesterday. Dash [DASH] Integrates 'Uphold' Crypto Transaction Platform Into Its Digital Wallet.

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