Dark Web Market Account Have Access To Over 10k Robinhood Tr...
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Dark Web Market Account Have Access To Over 10k Robinhood Trading Accounts.

Access to over 10k login keys allegedly associated with Robinhood trading accounts was on the market last week on the dark web, consistent with a report by Bloomberg, which surveyed dark web marketplaces.

The amount of Robinhood-related emails purchasable dwarf those for other brokerages by 5-to-1, analysts told Bloomberg, a sign Robinhood accounts are viewed as more vulnerable, the report quoted an analyst as saying.

Robinhood told Bloomberg that it isn’t the sole brokerage that’s subject to attack and noted that a stolen email isn’t by itself enough to compromise an account.

Robinhood clients are complaining that their accounts are hacked which the firm has been slow to reply. An indoor investigation found almost 2,000 accounts were compromised as a result of hacked emails, consistent with a Bloomberg report earlier this month.

Despite the firm’s statement at the time blaming the attacks on the victims’ private email accounts being compromised, several victims told Bloomberg they found no evidence this happened.

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