Dairy Farmers In U.S. To Employ Blockchain To Trace Milk.

Dairy Farmers In U.S. To Employ Blockchain To Trace Milk.

2018-09-27 | Selina Mathew

Dairy Farmers In U.S. To Employ Blockchain To Trace Milk.

According to a recent official announcement revealed by the Dairy Farmers of America [DFA] which is a farmer-owned cooperative with over 14,500 associates, would work to increase supply chain transparency by employing blockchain technology for tracking Milk and is operated by food tech. startup company named Ripe.io.

In line with the announcement made, the organization hopes to extend customers' trust in its merchandise by assuring customers that they can trace product back to their point of origin.

The DFA explained it'd trial the technology, and doesn't have a particular application or product in mind, aforementioned David Darr, vice president of property and member services, in a very statement.

Mentioning further he said:

"Consumers these days wish to grasp information from where their products arrive and a startup company named ‘Ripe.io’ employing the blockchain technology for the purpose would offers customers with a real time information, which might facilitate increased trust and confidence concerning food production from the beginning to the end.”

He added:

"We understand that there is plenty of application for blockchain technology built for the agriculture, and that we ultimately wish to assist our farm farmers to be at the forefront ... For now, our goal is to guage the technology and explore how could it be profitable for the supply chain."

This news from DFA juts came after when Walmart and Sam's Club proclaimed that they might force suppliers of vegetable products to store their products origin on a blockchain platform that would be developed in collaboration by IBM.

Announced as a response to a recent E. coli scare, Walmart intends to make end-to-end traceability. This could also permit the corporate to trace any potential outbreaks back to their supply additionally with efficiency in comparison to the present.

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