Cryptopia Exchange Hacked Again - EtherDesk Exclusive.

Cryptopia Exchange Hacked Again - EtherDesk Exclusive.

2021-02-20 | Mike Hallen

Cryptopia Exchange Hacked Again - EtherDesk Exclusive.

The Cryptopia exchange has reportedly been hacked again, whilst it's being liquidated following an earlier hack that stole over $15.5 Mln. In line with an official report by Stuff, U.S. firm Stakenet has been told that about $45,000 USD within the XSN cryptocurrency had been transferred out of its cold wallet on 1st Feb. Unused since the primary Cryptopia hack earlier in January 2019, the wallet is reported to contain cryptocurrency assets worth $1.97 Mln in total. Liquidator Grant Thornton New Zealand added that it hadn't authorized the movement of funds which it's investigating the incident, consistent with an email seen by Stuff. Stakenet had not lost funds within the earlier 2019 hack and had been hoping to eventually receive all its assets back.
“If this unauthorized transaction went on under Grant Thornton’s watch then they have to elucidate to the users why they did not secure ... [the] assets like they were alleged to do and the way how someone was able to access them,” the firm told Stuff.
The news comes soon after Grant Thornton had finally started permitting former users of the exchange to enter claims to retrieve their assets back.

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