Cryptocurrency As A Squid Game - 5 USDT For Playing 'The SHIB Game'.

Cryptocurrency As A Squid Game - 5 USDT For Playing 'The SHIB Game'.

2021-10-26 | Robin Williams

Cryptocurrency As A Squid Game - 5 USDT For Playing 'The SHIB Game'.

With Halloween approaching and the rising popularity of Squid Game, the hit Netflix series from South Korea that everyone is talking about, it's virtually likely that we'll see an inflow of Squid Game-inspired Halloween costumes this year! Indebted and destitute players compete in a series of dangerous children's games in the hopes of winning a large sum of money that may improve their life. The program has become a global pop culture sensation, and the crypto community, which is always eager to absorb memes and allusions, has been enamored with this peculiar Korean series. Cryptocurrency as a Squid Game The crypto market has a number of elements that traders associate with video games. Even if you ignore the show's most extreme elements, crypto traders will find a lot to relate to in Squid Game. The risk and reward, the need to learn the rules and play the system, the potentially huge wins—add the factor of escaping the debt traps and unfairness of the financial system, and it's no surprise that crypto traders will find a lot to relate to in Squid Game. Investing in crypto used to be dominated by a few top coins—Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP (XRP), and others around the top of the market capitalization league table were considered reasonably secure. Many altcoins were long shots that only the most daring speculators would risk their money on. Today, however, the situation is drastically different. Instead, we have over 1.5 million coins, many of which were thrown up hurriedly, low-quality spam or meme’s coins vying for investor attention. This is a winner-take-all situation, similar to the Squid Game, with the few who succeed seeing their worth skyrocket 1,000 times, while the vast majority perish in shame. Cheap chain templates have made it easier than ever to produce tokens, but the little effort required has resulted in a market inundated with poorly thought-out 'cryptocurrencies' with little to no use case and no purpose other than to bet on a bubble. Obviously, the chances of 99 percent of these tokens surviving are close to none. So, who among this enormous multitude will be able to choose the winners? We need to turn to gamemasters like Elon Musk for this. The game's kings and queens The deadly games are staged by a conspiracy of multinational ultra-wealthy individuals for their own entertainment in the Netflix series Squid Game. The game masters, while ostensibly unbiased and dedicated to the fairness of the games, are not immune to influencing events or manipulating the rules. Powerful influencers in the crypto market, like Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Vitalik Buterin, and others, maybe compared to game masters, able to influence which currencies among a slew of others live long enough to win large. Even coins that, on the surface, appear to be worthless. We all know how Musk boosted Dogecoin earlier this year, but his power doesn't end there—just look at the thousands of 'Floki' tokens that entered the market when Musk posted a photo of his beloved puppy Floki. The Shiba Inu's success So, what went wrong with Shiba Inu (SHIB)? And, sure, it's named after the same breed of dog that inspired Dogecoin. Musk's puppy is of the same breed. Its recent 300 percent price increase rewarded investors with potential gains in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if they purchased the meme currency at the start of the year. But, in the dog-eat-dog world of competing for canine cryptos, what made this currency stand out? Vitalik Buterin, another game master, pushed it. Keeping a step ahead of the competition All of this has a lesson for smaller retail dealers. Whether you like it or not, you'll have to consider the presence of the game masters and follow their actions if you want to win the crypto game. StormGain, for example, has an up-to-date news component that might help you understand why the chart activity and trade indications you see in the app are the way they are. The StormGain cryptocurrency program tries to level the playing field as much as possible. Even in the competitive crypto market, StormGain features like the zero-commission profit-sharing model and Bitcoin cloud miner find methods to share the income with everyone. And if the activities of the game masters are taken into consideration, every trader can benefit. Remember, even the smallest meme coin may produce a significant profit if you spot an influencer tugging the strings if you're attempting to trade on volatility, even in the near term. StormGain is giving out 5 USDT for free if you try it out Have you planned your Squid Game Halloween costume yet? Or maybe you'd rather be safe and play the other popular sort of game... the SHIB Game! Unlike the Squid Game, this one isn't violent at all, and it's a lot more enjoyable! Take advantage of our unique promo code 'SHIBGAME', which gives all new StormGain users 5 USDT to try it out right now. In just a few seconds, you can register with StormGain and begin trading SHIB using the All-in-One crypto platform, which also provides BTC cloud mining.

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