Increased Interest Of FreeLancer's In Cryptocurrencies.

Increased Interest Of FreeLancer's In Cryptocurrencies.

2018-12-07 | Selina Mathew

Increased Interest Of FreeLancer's In Cryptocurrencies.

In line with a recent 'survey' conducted by, around 38% [385] of the the total 1100 individuals surveyed, all freelancers living and dealing within the United Stated, most oftenly use cryptocurrencies, compared with 24% who don’t know about it for now. Around 41% of individuals had never used them before.

Surveyed parties cited international payments and lack of intermediaries [direct payment] as the benefits of cryptocurrencies in their perspective, as shown within the graphic below.

Cryptocurrencies And FreeLancer's : Report.

Digital freelancers are the jack-of-all-trades of this present digital era, and tradesman have historically preferred cash payments for several reasons. One is that you just don’t forever have a solid operating relationship with your shoppers, and despite the numerous sites like or Upwork, getting paid might be a bit trouble-some. Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies were fabricated as a method to acquire the trust out of the equation. The payment is either transferred or not, and once it is processed, the receiving party has the funds, as long as they manage their personal key linked to the receiving address.

Moreover, around 29% of the surveyed individuals love to receive all or a part of their payments in cryptocurrencies. whereas businesses like make it attainable for somebody to receive a bit of their payment from any payer in Bitcoin [BTC] while the rest is deposited to their bank as regular fiat, there's a high likelihood, given the growing demand, that thought freelance platforms can begin to integrate such practicality on their own.

One draw back is that the freelancer doesn't have a say in whether or not they really need to execute the crypto purchase. If the worth happens to leap up around that point, they merely receive less crypto. All such issues may be discovered through betatesting, of course. is of-course a newer entrant within the freelancing ecosystem that boasts that it's basically modifying the existing business model of freelance sites. Sites like Fiverr charge the employee a crazy 20%, whereas websites like UpWork charge for almost about everything that happens on their site. Peer-to-peer technologies just like the blockchain build such things appear absurd on the way out.

Cryptocurrencies And FreeLancer's : Report.

It would appear the lesson from this 1st survey [ intends to conduct another survey, once their platform hits over one million users] is that there don't seem to be presently enough freelancer friendly choices in blockchain. Coinbase isn’t the new PayPal, and neither is 'Bitpay', definitely your standard digital wallet. The new Waves mobile wallet goes a very long path to this end, however currently the headache is on Waves to ascertain integration with platforms, and sadly they continue to be targeted on the over-saturated digital currency exchange market.

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