Second Life Enters Metaverse War.

Second Life Enters Metaverse War.

2022-01-15 | Selina Mathew

Second Life Enters Metaverse War.

Dogecoin increased by 12% on Friday following Elon Musk announced that the memecoin may currently be utilized to purchase goods. For some time, suspicion had been rising. Tree of Alpha, a software developer, had dug into the original code of the firm's site and located a button that will enable DOGE to be utilized simultaneously with credit cards for purchases. Tesla stated in an SEC filing published in final term of October 2021 that it may resume adopting cryptocurrency for its goods in the future.

A novel year means a novel SHIB row.

A massive feud has erupted between SHIBA INU as well as CoinMarketCap. The team behind the cryptocurrency is dissatisfied with the addition of contract addresses for the Binance Smart Chain, Solana, as well as Terra blockchains to the coin's pricing website. According to SHIB, Ethereum is the sole genuine contract since it is an ERC-20 token, as well as the additional addresses are "false." According to CoinMarketCap, the non-ETH addresses are "not harmful" and merely supply SHIBA INU in wrapped form.

'Free BTC mining system' block construction

Block, led by Jack Dorsey, has unveiled ambitions to disrupt the realm of Bitcoin mining. The corporation, once called Square, plans to construct a "open BTC mining system." According to one of Block's executives: "Mining equipment are difficult to come by for the majority of individuals. When you've located them, they're pricey, as well as delivery might be uncertain." He went on to say that Block aims to make it so that "anyone, anywhere" can simply buy a mining rig - all while guaranteeing the equipment is dependable.

Vitalik Buterin makes a joke about himself. As the weekend approaches after another unpleasant week in the cryptocurrency market, Vitalik Buterin has moved in to provide some light comfort. The Ethereum co-founder requested his Twitter followers for instances of "the wildest and greatest deranged critiques" they have heard. To begin, he provided two instances: one portraying him as a "Bond villain" and further suggesting he resembles an "alien crackhead." Buterin's supporters were over willing to help.

The creator of Second Life has returned.

The founder of Second Life has returned as an advisor, and the virtual world platform has received a monetary investment as the metaverse gathers traction. "No one has come close to constructing a virtual environment like Second Life," said Philip Rosedale. "Big Tech handing out VR headsets and establishing a metaverse on their ad-driven, behaviour manipulation platforms isn't going to produce a wonderful, one digital nirvana for everyone," he continued. Second Life claims to have just finished "one of its most successful years ever."

Gap transforms hoodies into NFTs

Gap has announced plans to tokenize hoodies, making it the newest company to hop on the NFT bandwagon. The failing fashion label's non-fungible tokens will cost between $8.30 as well as $415, and several would be backed with a tangible hoodie. Matters get even further bizarre when you know that Gap is teaming with Brandon Sines on the release. He created Frank Ape, a sasquatch-like monster that "lives in New York City amid the people albeit sans human constraints."

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