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Crypto Mining Using Tesla Model 3 But Is It Really Profitable?

Whilst crypto miningĀ is usually synonymous with loud and heavy mining equipment, a guy from San Francisco identified a method to mine Bitcoin as well as Ethereum effectively using his sleek-looking Tesla Model 3.

Siraj Raval previously informed CNBC that the previous year, when bitcoin market values were at their highest, he was able to make $800 per month.

Raval immediately linked graphics processing units (GPUs) to the Model 3’s electric motor whilst using the car’s FSD computer to execute a bitcoin mining software.

As per Raval, the mining arrangement is lucrative also amid market downturns.

In the lengthy period, he wants to convert his vehicle into a robotaxi so he can mine cryptocurrency while it’s parked. Raval plans to invest a portion of his profits in a variety of coins.

Daymak, a Tesla rival located in Toronto, has also developed a three-wheeler that can mine bitcoins while stationary.

Is it really good enough to justify it?

YouTube Allessi, who was also featured by CNBC, claimed that he was planning to make money mining cryptocurrency with his Tesla car in 2018, but he was given an advantage: free limitless turbocharging for vehicles acquired before January 2017. It became less practical to utilize the car’s battery for mining once the renowned advantage was phased out by the e-car maker.

Raval’s automobile will most certainly lose its manufacturer warranty coverage, however, the fan is ready to take quite a chance.

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