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Crypto Market Yet To Have Its So-Popular iPhone Moment – From ‘Zero’ To ‘Hero’.

You’ll receive at least a half-dozen different replies if you ask someone on the street what made the iPhone so popular. Some claim it was because of applications and the App Store. For others, it was the touchscreen and Gorilla Glass. It had 3G (the first iPhone didn’t have it), Wi-Fi, a camera, a comfortable size, a beautiful design. With only one invention, you can go from zero to hero.

The user experience (UX), and especially the multi-touch capacitive screen, was the iPhone’s lone independent invention. The iPhone introduced gestures, on-screen QWERTY keyboards, and the fundamental smartphone design that we know today, but nothing else about the iPhone was groundbreaking in and of itself. It was simply the ultimate phone: “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator… not three distinct gadgets,” as Steve Jobs put it at the time. This is one gadget,” he said, referring to a device that was simple to use, sleek, and attractive, and filled with functions. As they say, the rest is history.

Cryptocurrency Market Has Yet To Experience Its iPhone Moment

Reframing crypto as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. When discussing crypto adoption, it’s important to remember that the typical individual has utilitarian concerns. The great majority consider cost and usefulness before considering idealistic concerns. Organic food has a place, but it’s a limited one; most consumers purchase food based on taste and price. Electric automobiles struggle because they have a slew of practical drawbacks and are typically more expensive.

Most people will find it hollow to promote cryptocurrency as a fantastic instrument for financial independence and decentralization. Price gains, not utility, are by far the most compelling incentive for individuals to invest in cryptocurrency right now. Crypto is helpful for a variety of purposes, including low-cost worldwide value transmission. However, there are a number of practical drawbacks to utilizing cryptocurrency for payments, most of which stem from its inability to integrate with conventional financial systems. The user experience of paying for things with crypto has been dreadful, with complex fees, long confirmation times, and difficult units exacerbating the adoption challenge.

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