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Crypto Finance App ‘Plutus’ Denies Hacking Attack.

A cryptocurrency finance app, Plutus, founded earlier in 2015, denied social reporting that its database was compromised by a hacking attack launched by alleged threat actors.

Earlier on 9th July, Israel-based threat intelligence firm, Sixgill, revealed an alert via their official Twitter account that stated that hackers are sharing a database stolen from the cryptocurrency application since 7th July, with no additional details added.

Adding further, a representative from Plutus :

“We have investigated several possible attack vectors and not found any evidence of hacking. We would like to reassure our customers that there’s no risk of losing either their fiat or cryptocurrency balances. Our services are non-custodial intentionally which removes the likelihood of company hacks having any impact on customer assets. So far, we’ve not found any evidence to suggest a successful hacking attempt.”

In line with the screenshot published by Sixgill, the alleged attackers reportedly uploaded the info of 1205 to an anonymous website, along side “bcrypt” passwords. These are associated with the password employed by the Plutus’ users to access their wallets via the website.

Recently, Plutus announced that it started offering rewards via its debit credit when users shop Nike’s online store. Doing so unlocks upto three in crypto and 9% cash rewards for those purchases.

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