Crypto Adoption Growing Rapidly In Slovenia - Gocrypto Payment System.

Crypto Adoption Growing Rapidly In Slovenia - Gocrypto Payment System.

2020-08-08 | Selina Mathew

Crypto Adoption Growing Rapidly In Slovenia - Gocrypto Payment System.

Crypto adoption is growing rapidly within Slovenia. Over 1,000 locations within the country now accept cryptocurrency payments, including cafes, restaurants, dentists, hair salons, and hotels.

Increasing Crypto Adoption In Slovenia

The number of places now accepting cryptocurrencies via the Gocrypto payment system has surpassed 1,000, in line with a recent official announced. These locations include cafés, restaurants, taxis, mechanics, dentists, hair salons, hotels, and sports facilities. Among them are major retailers, like the Tuš supermarkets, Slovenia’s biggest electronic seller Big-Bang, Atlantis Water Park, as well as Burger King Slovenia.

Adding further “you can just use your crypto wallet when getting around your lifestyle,” Gocrypto remarked:

Slovenia is taking the worldwide lead as the country with the very best number of physical locations accepting cryptocurrencies.

In line with its official website, Gocrypto is presently operational within 15 countries and over 150k products are often bought using its system. The countries emody Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Japan, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Venezuela. While in some countries, the system is operated by Gocrypto’s partner Xpay.

At the reporting time, the Gocrypto website is showing 1,416 merchants using its system, only 95 of which are online stores.

Crypto Adoption Growing Rapidly In Slovenia - Gocrypto Payment System.

The Gocrypto system consists of 1 or more POS terminals connected to the Gocrypto payment network. Users can use Bitcoin [BTC], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Ethereum [ETH], the euro token, and Gocrypto’s native token GOC to buy goods & services. Merchants receive payments in their native currency. Presently, Gocrypto is compatible with the Elly wallet app along with the Wallet.

The first version of Gocrypto, Elipay, was tested at BTC City Ljubljana, one among Europe’s biggest shopping centers, that has about 21 Mln visitors a year.

Merchants accepting cryptocurrencies can also be found on websites like Accept and Green Pages. Additionally, presently shows around 500 merchants accepting Bitcoin cash [BCH] within Slovenia.

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