Craig Wright Files U.S. Copyright Registrations For Bitcoin [BTC] - Report.

Craig Wright Files U.S. Copyright Registrations For Bitcoin [BTC] - Report.

2019-05-21 | Eddy Morgan

Craig Wright Files U.S. Copyright Registrations For Bitcoin [BTC] - Report.

The Self-proclaimed founder of Bitcoin ‘Craig Wright’ has filed U. S. copyright registrations for Bitcoin [BTC] white paper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Court documents reveal that the United States Copyright office has registrations with Wright as the 'author' of the Bitcoin white-paper,  additionally as most of the 'original codes' accustomed in building Bitcoin.

The renowned Australian entrepreneur has been 'claiming' for a long time to have written the cryptocurrency blueprint beneath the pseudonym.

A recent 'release' from 21st May, claims that U.S. officials have received confirmation that Wright is the same so called Satoshi Nakamoto, however the news has been met with skepticism from some crypto commentators.

The executive director at the non-profit organization ‘Coin Center’ named ‘Jerry Brito', tweeted:

“Registering a copyright is simply alike filing a form. The Copyright office doesn’t investigate the validity of the claim; they solely register it. However, sadly there's no official way to challenge a registration. If there are several competing claims, the office just simply register’s all of them.”

In line with the news release, Wright is making moves to ascertain himself as Bitcoin’s creator “after being dismayed to envision his original Bitcoin design bastardized by other protocol developer groups.”

It is 'believed' that Wright is going to assign the copyright registrations to the Bitcoin Association.

The entrepreneur is presently the chief individual behind the startup called nChain. The businessman has been better-known for attracting difference of opinions, with major crypto platforms recently 'began' 'boycott' Bitcoin SV [BSV], the fork of Bitcoin Cash [BCH] which he backs.

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