Cosmos Announces Its New Blockchain 'Sagan' - Here's What We Know.

Cosmos Announces Its New Blockchain 'Sagan' - Here's What We Know.

2021-10-20 | Selina Mathew

Cosmos Announces Its New Blockchain 'Sagan' - Here's What We Know.

The Cosmos cross-chain network is creating a new blockchain that will allow developers to try out new protocols. Cosmos claimed its Sagan blockchain was currently in development in its quarterly keynote report, which was released on Tuesday. With a remark from famed astronomer Carl Sagan and a picture of a canary among the stars, the project teased the release of the blockchain in a video message. The canary picture could refer to the blockchain as an experimental "canary network," as Polkadot's Kusama test network is known. In the instance of Kusama, the blockchain allows developers to create and use a para chain, as well as test Polkadot's governance, staking, and other features in a real-world setting. Following the March debut of its inter-blockchain communication protocol, which allows crypto assets to be readily transferred across compatible blockchains, including those in decentralized finance, Cosmos has been gradually increasing. In the last 30 days, there have been 1,285,426 transfers across the Cosmos ecosystem, according to Mapofzones statistics. Cosmos is also developing rollup scaling technology, which will allow developers to build Cosmos-based blockchains as rollups that may be deployed as clusters within the inter-blockchain communication protocol's zones. The Optimint solution, which is based on the Tendermint framework, is designed to be a "drop-in replacement" for it.

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