CookieMiner Malware Targeting MAC & IOS Users.

CookieMiner Malware Targeting MAC & IOS Users.

2019-02-02 | Selina Mathew

CookieMiner Malware Targeting MAC & IOS Users.

In line with a recent report by cybersecurity firm ‘Palo Alto Networks’, a new kind of malware is stealing cookies from several cryptocurrency exchanges and other information in an attempt to hack other user accounts.

CookieMiner, a progression of OSX.DarthMiner, is a malware targeting Mac and IOS users, stealing saved Google Chrome passwords, iPhone messages and iTunes backups on tethered machines and a lot more.

Together with the cookies, the goal of the malware is to achieve access to cryptocurrency exchange accounts. In line with Palo Alto, the hackers assume a combination of the hacked data permitting them to bypass the multi-layer authentication that several exchange users have employed to offer additional security.

The firm added explaining:

“If successful, the hackers malware can have full access to the victim’s exchange account and/or digital wallet and would be able to use those funds as if they were the user themselves.”

As its name suggests, the malware also conjointly installs cryptocurrency mining features.

The discovery is simply the latest malware to hunt out cryptocurrency users as its victims. As reported earlier, multiple malicious entities have tried to require advantage of lax security setups so as to compromise novice crypto traders.

Just earlier this month, an another 'analysis' revealed that around 90% of the circulating amount of altcoin Monero [XMR] had already been pre-mined, mostly of which is accumulated by 'illicit mining'.

Explaining further, Palo Alto concluded:

“Crypto users ought to keep a close watch on their security settings and digital assets to prevent these type of compromises and leaks.”

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