Coinbase Launches Its 'Coinbase Earn Program' In Over 100 Countries.

Coinbase Launches Its 'Coinbase Earn Program' In Over 100 Countries.

2019-05-18 | Selina Mathew

Coinbase Launches Its 'Coinbase Earn Program' In Over 100 Countries.

In line with a recent official 'press-release' published, leading cryptocurrency platform namely ‘Coinbase’ has launched its Coinbase Earn program for the general public in over 100 countries.

As earlier in December, Coinbase 1st 'declared' its program as an invite-only initiative. This pilot period let users earn crypto assets by learning about the ERC-20 token named “0x” [ZRX]. Coinbase revealed that in line with a survey they conducted, uninformed users were reluctant to invest in crypto-currencies but were eager to learn:

“…one among the major barriers halting folks from exploring a new digital asset was absence of knowledge regarding the assets. Several of the individuals we surveyed expressed a strong desire to start learning regarding new and totally different crypto assets beyond Bitcoin [BTC], but didn’t know where to start from.”

As the title implies, Coinbase Earn users can also earn crypto assets. In return for taking quizzes regarding Stellar Lumens [XLM], Zcash [ZEC] and Basic Attention Token [BAT], users can earn those respective coins.

Earlier within this week, Coinbase 'added' trading support for 50 new jurisdictions, along with USD Coin [USDC] trading options in 85 new countries. Within its release 'announcing' the expansion, [Coinbase] commented on its hopes for USDC to offer economic stability in these newly covered countries:

“For new customers in countries like Argentina and Uzbekistan, where consumers prices are expected to inflate by 10 to 20 Percent in 2020, 'stablecoins' like USDC might offer an opportunity to shield against inflation.”

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