Coinbase Earn Adds First Stablecoin MakerDao’s 'Dai'.

Coinbase Earn Adds First Stablecoin MakerDao’s 'Dai'.

2019-06-11 | Big Bob

Coinbase Earn Adds First Stablecoin MakerDao’s 'Dai'.

In line with a recent official 'web-blog post' published, renowned cryptocurrency platform named ‘Coinbase’ has listed a course on MakerDao’s stablecoin dai within its educational portal Coinbase Earn.

As per the post, dai is among the 1st stablecoin added by Coinbase Earn, which will provide videos and quizzes to assist users learn more about the token, and thereby also receive some Dai for their efforts.

According to the announcement, the 'Ethereum'-based stablecoin Dai is backed by its parent token Maker [MKR] and is balanced around holding a stable price at around $1 USD over time.

Coinbase 1st 'proclaimed' that they were adding dai to their exchange on 23rd May. At the reporting time, Coinbase commented that it'd be available in most jurisdictions except for the users in New-York.

As reported earlier, dai has been priced less than a dollar - lesser than its expected goal - for much of this year, that has sparked at least around 5 voting sessions targeted on rebalancing the coin’s worth via increasing its stability fee.

Coinbase conjointly comments that it anticipates earning generally to grow into a relevant cryptocurrency-based activity, ranking aboard the best-known areas of purchasing, staking, voting, as well as mining.

Coinbase Earn was 'launched' earlier on 18th May, following its announcement at the end of 2018. It purports to be an answer for potential investors who have an interest in crypto’s, significantly ones less prominent than Bitcoin [BTC], but are reluctant to take a position without much information:

“ of the leading barriers preventing individuals from exploring a new digital asset was a scarcity of knowledge regarding the asset. Among several we surveyed, expressed a desire to start learning regarding new and totally different 'crypto' assets beyond Bitcoin [BTC], but  they didn’t know from where to start.”

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