Coinbase Adds Bitcoin [BTC] Support To Its Wallet App.

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin [BTC] Support To Its Wallet App.

2019-02-07 | Big Bob

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin [BTC] Support To Its Wallet App.

In line with a recent 'announcement' published, U.S. cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet service provider named ‘Coinbase’ has added Bitcoin [BTC] to its [Coinbase] wallet app.

Earlier in Aug. 2018, Coinbase exchange had proclaimed that Toshi, the open source decentralized app browser and digital wallet developed by [Coinbase], can rebrand to become [Coinbase Wallet].

As revealed by the crypto exchange, Coinbase wallet is slightly different from the main app, []. With the latter, the cryptocurrencies bought by consumers along with the personal keys are kept by Coinbase exchange. With [Coinbase] wallet, users stores their own crypto protected by their unique personal keys.

The new update for Coinbase wallet is expected to be rolled for iOS and Android by next week. Bitcoin [BTC] support will be activated by default, as soon as users opt. to receive the coin to their digital wallet. The users’ personal keys are encrypted on the phone employing Secure Enclave technology.

The announcement additionally adds that Coinbase wallet supports both SegWit and legacy addresses. Moreover, the app supports the Bitcoin Testnet for developers along with power users. [Coinbase] conjointly mentioned  again that it’s considering adding Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Litecoin [LTC], along with other major cryptocurrencies to its [Coinbase] digital wallet.

Just yesterday, on 5th Feb., Coinbase exchange launched its support for the European Union residents to make standard fiat currency withdrawals to on-line payment system ‘PayPal’. And in Jan., the United States exchange added resources for purchasers within the United Stated to assert crypto trades on their taxes, and integrated its systems with renowned tax software named ‘TurboTax’.

As reported earlier this month, cryptocurrency hardware wallet firm Ledger has unveiled its new Bluetooth-based wallet Ledger named ‘Nano X’ that would enable customers to store around 100 crypto assets and manage them via a mobile device.

Another major crypto wallet, '', has recently added partial support for BSV [Bitcoin SV], noting, however, that it has no plans to presently offer full support for the crypto at present.

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