Coinbase Added Support For Bitcoin Cash 'BCH'.

Coinbase Added Support For Bitcoin Cash 'BCH'.

2019-02-21 | Eddy Morgan

Coinbase Added Support For Bitcoin Cash 'BCH'.

In line with an official announcement 'published', Coinbase - A U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet service supplier has added support for BCH [Bitcoin Cash] to its Wallet.

The recent update added that its users will be now able to store Bitcoin Cash [BCH] on Coinbase wallet, stating that:

“The new wallet updates with BCH [Bitcoin Cash] support can roll-out to all users on Android and iOS over the next upcoming weeks.”

As reported earlier in Aug. last year, Coinbase wallet was introduced as a rebranding of the firm’s open source DApp [Decentralized App] browser and wallet, also known as Toshi.

The rebranded wallet has many different options from the main application, Coinbase [or], reportedly aimed toward providing a lot of transparency and security. [Coinbase] will permits users to store their own personal keys on their devices, purchase and store crypto-collectibles, use third-party DApps and receive airdrops and tokens from ICOs [initial coin offerings].

Juts earlier this month, [Coinbase] also added support for Bitcoin [BTC] to its 'wallet' application. 

Even last week, the firm 'proclaimed' that Coinbase users will be now able to save their personal keys on Google Drive and 'iCloud', resulting in mixed reactions from the crypto community.

Earlier few days ago, third-largest cryptocurrency exchange named ‘OKEx’ proclaimed that it had added four new cryptocurrency derivative pairs to its platform, specifically BSV [Bitcoin SV], QTUM [Qtum], DASH [Dash] and NEO [Neo] against BTC [Bitcoin] or USDT [Tether].

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