Co-Founder Of QuadrigaCX ‘Michael Patryn’ Was Involved In Several Criminal Activities Earlier.

Co-Founder Of QuadrigaCX ‘Michael Patryn’ Was Involved In Several Criminal Activities Earlier.

2019-03-20 | Eddy Morgan

Co-Founder Of QuadrigaCX ‘Michael Patryn’ Was Involved In Several Criminal Activities Earlier.

In line with a recent news report published by ‘Bloomberg’, QuadrigaCX exchange’s co-founder ‘Michael Patryn’ was reportedly involved in several criminal activities within the past.

Michael Patryn, was the co-founded of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX along with Gerald Cotten earlier in 2013, was antecedently also called ‘Omar Dhanani’, an individual that was linked in multiple crimes within the U.S., the reported added.

$145 Mln in clients’ cryptocurrency assets were found to be 'missing' from the QuadrigaCX exchange after its co-founder and chief executive officer Cotten died a young age of 30 from complications of Crohn’s illness, earlier in Dec., last year. The exchange is presently undergoing legal and monetary proceedings amid the 'controversy' over the missing funds, having appointed Earnst & Young to independently monitor in its creditor protection case.

Patryn reportedly left QuadrigaCX earlier in 2016, citing a disagreement with Cotten over the listing processes for the firm. In line with native media ‘Globe and Mail’, Patryn along with his partner, Lovie Horner, remain two of QuadrigaCX’ major shareholders, though he ddn’t had any involvements  within the company’s operations since 2016.

Whereas Patryn has recently 'denied' the allegations that he and Dhanani are the same individuals, Bloomberg reportedly acquired official Canadian records stating that Patryn lawfully changed his name twice - 1st losing his last name ‘Dhanani’ and then changing his first name ‘Omar’ - earlier in 2003 and in 2008.

Dhanani, one among the alleged past identities of Patryn, was reportedly sentenced to 18 months within the U.S. federal jail for being associated in identity theft related to both bank and credit-card fraud earlier in 2005. In line with Bloomberg, 22-year-old Dhanani pleaded guilty to operating ‘' in 2002, a now-defunct marketplace that 'trafficked' over 1.5 Mln stolen credit and bank card details.

Earlier in 2007, Dhanani additionally admitted guilt in separate criminal cases for theft, fraud, burglary etc, Bloomberg reports, citing California state court records.

Moreover, Patryn reinvented himself as a Bitcoin [BTC] entrepreneur once he was deported back to Canada. In line with Patryn’s LinkedIn 'profile', he’s presently based in Vietnam, and has been serving as founder and chairman at FVG [Fintech Ventures Group], a Canada-based blockchain setup.

Patryn provided few details regarding his 13-years working expertise before QuadrigaCX on LinkedIn, solely specifying that he worked in several digital currency-related companies from 1999 to 2013.

Just recently, Cotten’s wife ‘Jennifer Robertson’ stated that Cotten was 'funding' the QuadrigaCX with his own money while it was in legal proceeding with a major Canadian bank.

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