Clovr Survey Report - High Earning Millennial Men Most Interested In Crypto's.

Clovr Survey Report - High Earning Millennial Men Most Interested In Crypto's.

2018-10-06 | Eddy Morgan

Clovr Survey Report - High Earning Millennial Men Most Interested In Crypto's.

Recent analysis by blockchain-focused company ‘Clovr’ has revealed that crypto investments is most well-liked among millennials earning from $75,000 USD to $99,999 USD annually. The survey collected responses from over thousand Americans between ages eighteen and eighty.

As per the survey by Clovr, men are nearly twice as likely as the other generation to invest in crypto currencies, with 43 % of men and 23% of women investing in crypto currencies. Around 47 % of people with an annual financial gain not less than $75,000 USD annually have endowed in digital assets, whereas less than quarter of those earning beneath $25,000 USD mentioned they can afford to considerably invest in crypto.

According to information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median weekly earnings within the 2nd quarter of 2018 for a person between the ages of 25–34 was $857 USD, or over $44,000 USD annually.

Almost 40% of respondents cited peer influence as a main reason for investment in crypto, while over 35 % have reportedly been lured into the crypto market by the Fear of Missing Out [FOMO].

The survey found a solid level of awareness of digital currencies, with quite 75 % of the respondents claiming that they feel they understand what cryptocurrency is, whereas the remaining 20% supposed that they sort of understand what's happening within the crypto field.

In regards to explaining to others what crypto is, 62% of the survey participants told they're able to carry on a discussion regarding cryptocurrencies.

When asked their opinion on investment in crypto, nearly 80% of respondents answered that they think investing in cryptos as a positive kind of risk-taking. The study adds further that one in three assume that crypto investment is an innovative possibility compared with stocks and bonds.

Recent analysis has found that of all the generations, millennials show the foremost interest in crypto investment. Even a survey revealed in by analysis service ‘YouGov Omnibus’ in Sept., revealed that almost half of the millennials in America are interest in using cryptocurrency.

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