Cineplex Group Now Accepts Cinema Ticket Paid In Bitcoins.

Cineplex Group Now Accepts Cinema Ticket Paid In Bitcoins.

2021-03-05 | Selina Mathew

Cineplex Group Now Accepts Cinema Ticket Paid In Bitcoins.

Leading Cineplex Group, the renowned operator of movie theaters in Thailand, has reportedly permitted a number of its users to now purchase tickets with crypto assets like Bitcoin [BTC]. In line with a recent official report by the native reporting by Siam Rath, Major Cineplex has revealed the launch of its cryptocurrency payment pilot program within a move to support innovation as well as new technologies. In order to unlock the new payment option, the firm has partnered with the native cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex and lo digital payment startup RapidZ. Major Cineplex debuted the new feature at Bangkok’s Major Cineplex Ratchayothin movies earlier on 4th March, permitting its users to purchase tickets with Bitcoin via RapidZ by scanning a QR code. Major Cineplex expects to increase the pilot to 39 more of its movie theaters across Bangkok by the end of this year. The news apparently marks the primary time in history that Thai movies have accepted cryptocurrencies as payment. Narut Jiansanong, a spokesperson for Major Cineplex, added that the new initiative intends to draw in more users that invest in crypto assets. He added that Thailand is now estimated to possess up to 1 Mln Bitcoin holders, accounting for around 2% of the nation's total adult population. Earlier in mid-February, the SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] of Thailand proposed to adopt specific requirements for people willing to take a position in crypto assets, reportedly getting to require investors to possess an annual income of a min. of $33,250 USD. The authority subsequently seemed to backtrack a number of its proposed requirements, stating that its initial proposals intended to measure investor sentiment.

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