China Introduces New Rules Against The Crypto Ban.

China Introduces New Rules Against The Crypto Ban.

2018-08-23 | Selina Mathew

China Introduces New Rules Against The Crypto Ban.

Following last years ban implemented on crypto currencies by China, the country has tighten its rules prohibiting crypto related events, speculations and conferences in the city of Beijing City. According to a report revealed on Chinese-language outlet QQ, native authorities in Beijing’s Chaoyang district have circulated a new forum warning businesses like workplace buildings, hotels, and malls that they need to not host any events or conferences that promote digital currencies, which led two scheduled events to cancel on a very short notice. China Introduces New Rules Against The Crypto Ban. The managing director of Venture capital firm Danhua Capital ‘Dovey Wan’ stated that this is an extension to the existing crypto ban in the country. Mentioning further she said:

“Chaoyang is a symbolic district, what’s thought as the ‘center of the core power’ conjointly also the propagation of narratives in restrictive surroundings doesn't need  an official national wide documents in China, this already sets the tone.”

Stating further she said that Chinese regulators ordinarily to come back the effectiveness of specific policies meet on their annual anniversaries to work out whether additional measures are necessary or not. Notably, the order’s publication came at the same time when the giant messaging platform ‘WeChat’ announced a ban on crypto related stuff via its platform.

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