CEO ‘Blythe Masters’ Of Digital Assets That Builds Merchandise On DLT Resign's.

CEO ‘Blythe Masters’ Of Digital Assets That Builds Merchandise On DLT Resign's.

2018-12-19 | Selina Mathew

CEO ‘Blythe Masters’ Of Digital Assets That Builds Merchandise On DLT Resign's.

In line with a recent 'announcement', the chief executive officer of Digital Assets ‘Blythe Masters’, a tech firm that builds merchandise on DLT [distributed ledger technology], has stepped down.

As per the announcement, Masters has requested to leave for personal reasons after 3 years of serving at the firm. Masters will supposedly be active in Digital Asset’s operations as a member, strategic adviser, and stockholder.

Masters is replaced by AG Gangadhar, who joined the firm’s board of administrators last Apr this year. Gangadhar has been appointed Board Chairman and would also function as the acting chief executive officer till the firm can fine a permanent replacement for Masters.

Prior joining Digital Assets, Masters served as a JPMorgan Chase executive. In line with the 'Global Fund for Women', Masters is additionally chairman of the board of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project, member of the International Advisory Board of Santander Group, and advisory board Member of the U.S Chamber of Digital Commerce.

Masters has taken a proactive approach in the fintech sector, serving as the foremost renowned women in the cryptocurrency space. As a range of recent research shows, the proportion of women invested and related in cryptocurrencies is still far less than the men.

As per, as of May this year, 94.73 p.c of Bitcoin community engagement and active participation comes from men and just

5.27 p.c  from women. Earlier in Oct. 2017, a survey conducted by Reddit user loveYouEth, found that 96 p.c of Ethereum [ETH] users are men, and MyEtherWallet revealed that around 84 p.c of their holders are male.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg in October, Masters predicted that “tens if not hundreds” of blockchain will pretty soon increase the 'potency of trade markets', with supply chains to greatly benefit from DLT [distributed ledger technology].

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