Celsius Network Is Managing SDG Impact Fund For U.S. Initiatives.

Celsius Network Is Managing SDG Impact Fund For U.S. Initiatives.

2018-09-22 | Robin Williams

Celsius Network Is Managing SDG Impact Fund For U.S. Initiatives.

In line with an official press released, the Sustainable Development Goals is a global program targeting on the transfer of a better and more sustainable future for all. It addresses world-wide challenges like financial conditions, inequality, global climate changes, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice. The initiative aims to attain a series of targets by the year 2030.

According to the announcement, the SDG Impact Fund launched by financial services corporate 5th element with the aim to boost many hundred million dollars and deploy them in each local and digital format employing a public blockchain. The fund is supposedly the primary one to accept and operate all varieties of crypto and digital assets in compliance with the United States Sustainable Development Goals.

Within this partnership with the Fifth Element, Celsius Network is reportedly trying to “bring power back to the people” by providing banking services usually reserved for prime tier asset investors. 

The CEO of Celsius Alex Mashinsky aforesaid that

“By providing attained interest rates up to 7.1%, we have a tendency to permit people to create identical passive financial gains that Wall Street has been creating for years."

The advisor to Celsius, ‘Scott Stornetta’ added:

“We see an excellent chance to use this technology to deliver the worth collected by totally different U.N. organizations in an exceedingly lot of precise and effective way to the people and organizations that require it the most."

Earlier in Feb., the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund [UNICEF] embraced cryptocurrency by beginning a charity drive for Syrian youngsters, asking gamers to use their computers to mine Ethereum [ETH] and then donate their earnings. Later in Apr., UNICEF Australia conjointly declared an initiative that permits users to give their PC’s processing power to mine digital currencies for charity.

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