Casa Reveals Self Custody Crypto Wallet - New Launch.

Casa Reveals Self Custody Crypto Wallet - New Launch.

2020-06-16 | Robin Williams

Casa Reveals Self Custody Crypto Wallet - New Launch.

Renewed cryptocurrency custody firm namely ‘Casa’ has revealed its new wallet which offers wallet access without a seed phrase & offer its users a way to check on their private keys.

New York-based cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has revealed a new crypto wallet for Bitcoin newbies as well as long-term HODLers.

Within an official web-blog post published by Casa, the crypto firm that offers a personal key management service announced it had created Casa Wallet after an investment from venture capital fund Mantis VC. It is a soft-wallet designed around the privacy, Casa Wallet permits users to not offer any personal information aside from their primary name and email.

Additionally, unlike some software wallets like Exodus, Casa said its users don't require to set-up an account with a seed phrase - usually a private phrase needed to regain access to a wallet. Consistent with Casa, users can create a key to store on their mobile device. An encrypted backup is then split across Casa and therefore the OS-specific cloud provider, which wallet holders can retrieve with 2-FA authentication.

Casa Wallet also features ‘Key Health’, a function that offers its users a way to check their personal keys, confirms that the wallet is protected , and also checks that the users’ signatures are authentic.

As reported earlier last year in September, Casa revealed its non-custodial mobile wallet app Sats for both Android & iOS based users. Sats can be also often used without the company’s provided hardware Bitcoin [BTC] Lightning node.

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