Burger King & Robinhood Promo Offer - Win Free BTC, ETH Or DOGE.

Burger King & Robinhood Promo Offer - Win Free BTC, ETH Or DOGE.

2021-11-01 | Big Bob

Burger King & Robinhood Promo Offer - Win Free BTC, ETH Or DOGE.

Starting Monday, Burger King and investing platform Robinhood will offer Royal Perks loyalty members the chance to win a "side of cryptocurrency" – such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin - as part of a new promotion. The offer comes as interest in bitcoin, a type of digital cash, continues to grow. With the current discourse about cryptocurrency, Maria Posada, vice president of the digital guest experience for Burger King North America, revealed within an official statement that partnering with Robinhood to sell crypto to guests was a "natural match." She explained that the fast-food chain is "providing crypto in a way that is accessible and digestible (literally and metaphorically) — through our cuisine." Royal Perks members who spend $5 or more on the Burger King app, internet, or in-restaurant using "My Code" (a code required during checkout) at participating locations will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies through Nov. 21 or while prizes last. In a press release, Burger King stated, "The primary prize provided is Dogecoin, but a few lucky members might earn a complete Ehtereum or Bitcoin." When eligible Royal Perks members make a qualifying transaction, they will get a crypto coin, with a daily restriction of one reward code. 20 Bitcoin, 200 Ethereum/Ether, and 2,000,000 Dogecoin were accessible as of Monday. On YouTube, Burger King posted a promotional series of films titled "How to Crypto with Burger King." Customers who want to claim a coin need first download Burger King's mobile app or go to BK.com and register to become a Royal Perks Member. Customers may then use "My Code" to make a $5 pre-tax purchase on the app, website, or in-restaurant. Then wait for an email with instructions on how to claim the cryptocurrency in your Robinhood Crypto account using the Robinhood mobile app. Users who already have a Robinhood Crypto account do not need to establish a new one.

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