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BTC Whales Make A Transfer Of Whooping 7221 Bitcoins – Price Dump Alert.

Leading cryptocurrency tracking service Whale Alert has published a post, reporting that anonymous cryptocurrency whales had made a transfer of 7,221 Bitcoins [BTC].

Another recent amount of transferred BTC equals an amount almost 2x times than that: 13,187 BTC.

The fees paid by the senders of that jaw-dropping amount of funds are tiny compared to what banks would have charged for the same amount.

The two transactions together account for a whopping 395,857,505 USD: 7,221 BTC & 13,187 BTC.

The fee paid to send the smaller BTC amount was 0.00111000 BTC [that is $3.97 USD]. As for the second transfer of $253,502,931 in BTC, the sender had to pay 0.00111000 BTC [$21.34 USD].

In the comment thread to the primary transfer on Whales Alert, a user suggested that this might be a big purchase made by Grayscale recently on Thursday.

BTC Whales Make A Transfer Of Whooping 7221 Bitcoins - Price Dump Alert.

As reported by U.Today on Thursday, Grayscale Investments fund, under the leadership of Barry Silbert, had acquired 2x times as Bitcoin [BTC] in November than was mined during that month.

The amount of BTC obtained by the cryptocurrency hedge fund totals 55,015 BTC, consistent with Coin98 Analytics firm – which is $1,068,127,228 USD.

As per data provided by another company, miners in November produced 27,881 BTC, or $538,973,187 USD.

Just earlier to that, Grayscale revealed that it had over 10 Bln USD in crypto assets under its management.

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