BSTR - China's Tech Publication Now Offering Subscriptions In Bitcoin [BTC].

BSTR - China's Tech Publication Now Offering Subscriptions In Bitcoin [BTC].

2018-10-02 | Eddy Morgan

BSTR - China's Tech Publication Now Offering Subscriptions In Bitcoin [BTC].

BSTR - Beijing Sci-Tech Report which is China’s oldest media publication covering the tech ecosystem, has proclaimed it would be now offering subscriptions payable with Bitcoin [BTC].

According to a recent news report by local media source ‘Guangming,’ stated that an obviously rare prevalence from China, were govt. pressure has forced crypto exchanges and ICO’s operators to halt activities over the past year, BSTR says it desires to push blockchain and crypto use increasing its practical usability.

Adding further Guangming confirms that:

“BSTR Subscribers would be able to pay their subscription fees to the precise bitcoin receiving address of the newspaper to complete their subscription.”

The product on offer is an annual subscription to the publication’s [Tech Life magazine], that prices 0.01 in Bitcoins [BTC] which is around $65 USD in fiat currency.

While Chinese authorities still restrain on commerce and promotional operations associated with cryptocurrency, the crypto industry is still trying to sustain the existing ban in some how.

However at the time of reporting, owning, trading and investing in digital currencies is officially illegal.

Responding to queries concerning the BSTR move on social media, Chinese crypto news commentator ‘cnLedger’ underlined the very fact that by providing a subscription in Bitcoin [BTC], the publication wasn't breaking the law.

“Owning and investing in digital currencies isn't prohibited,” it wrote.

Mentioning further he added:

“Otherwise CEO of Bitmain ‘Jihan Wu’ along with the CEO of Huobi ‘Leon Li’ would be among the prime ones to be fined. Thousands if not millions would had been arrested already.”

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