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Brevan Howard Hedge Fund Joins The Rush To Crypto With New U...
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Brevan Howard Hedge Fund Joins The Rush To Crypto With New Unit.

Brevan Howard Hedge Fund Joins the Rush to Crypto With New Unit. They formed a new unit to manage cryptocurrency by Hedge fund Brevan Howard Asset Management and digital assets, in the rapid development market signaling its rising interest.

The London-based investment firm, which is most widely known for its macro trading focus states that the creation of BH Digital has an objective for expanding its reach in the crypto market.

The London-based investment firm is also known as Colleen Sullivan, the chief executive officer and co-founder of CMT Digital is situated as the head of its private and venture investment activities in the sector, and according to a statement on Monday. Brevan Howard started a new unit decision because earlier this year used to start investing up to 1.5% of its flagship hedge fund’s capital in digital assets.

The personal money has been invested by Alan Howard the co-founder of London-based investment funds in the sector and it has achieved great success by acquiring a 25% stake in One River Asset Management, a firm whose cryptocurrency funds are backed by Howard. The move “underscores the firm’s commitment to rapidly expanding its platform and offerings in cryptocurrencies and digital assets,”

Aron Landy, chief executive officer of Brevan Howard, said in the statement. The cryptocurrencies’ volatility has converted into a hot topic among veteran investors.

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