BRD Wallet Surpasses 10 Mln Active Users - Introduces Support For Litecoin.

BRD Wallet Surpasses 10 Mln Active Users - Introduces Support For Litecoin.

2021-10-09 | Eddy Morgan

BRD Wallet Surpasses 10 Mln Active Users - Introduces Support For Litecoin.

BRD is one of the first and safest mobile wallets available in the App and Google Play stores. The milestone comes as BRD is introduced as one of the first wallets backed by the brand new BitPay partnership with Verifone, citing crypto as Verifone's retail trading terminals, as well as BRD's support for Litecoin, which provides the company's views for the old crypto and the most secure financial system for its customers. "BRD's tremendous development of over 10 million customers as the world's leading payroll is a milestone in the history of crypto trading," stated Adam Traidman, Co-founder and CEO of BRD. "We continue to observe a growth in clients from India, Africa, and Latin America using the BRD to acquire direct funding, whether for remuneration for remote labor or to pay for products and services. " It is for this reason that we are pleased to welcome Litecoin, which is a crucial addition as one of the oldest and most reliable payment methods for clients."  "Having Litecoin supported in the BRD is a huge step forward." Include Litecoin's objective since it is a way to obtain quick and cheap money with BRD's focus on making things easier and more convenient, and you get one thing to get used to and utilize the most common crypto technology," said Charlie Lee, Litecoin's creator, and managing director. "Because Litecoin is a digital currency, the BRD's stated focus on rapid spending is inextricably linked to the goal of Litecoin." BRD's 10-million-customer record demonstrates continued assistance and a significant interest in cryptocurrencies as a popular payment method. Installing Litecoin to give customers more options when it comes to selecting dependable long-term services of acceptable and quick global money. BRD provides Litecoin support and collaborates closely with the Litecoin Foundation to promote the widespread acceptance of crypto as a financial currency. Litecoin facilitates billing and provides a handy way to move money anywhere in the world with its fast processing and low-cost transactions.

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